"Better, Faster, Cheaper."
David Giammittorio, MD
CEO, The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice
Alexandria, VA

Dr. Giammittorio discusses the unique benefits of personalized learning from GNOSIS for OB to mitigate risk, reduce variation, and improve quality of care. He is a member of the OB/GYN Risk Alliance.

Over the years, I have discussed and worked through many on-line obstetric modules. The current version offered by APS is clinically relevant, respects the intelligence of the user, and presents real-life clinical events for analysis and resolution. I particularly liked the clinical problems in which sufficient information is given to warrant a decision. And then in the next question, new information is added and I was asked, essentially, now what are you going to do? I also found, after a long career in obstetrics that the educational modules were informative and detailed. In sum, a very worthwhile product."

David Acker, MD, Safety & Quality Advisor, OB-GYN Depart., Winchester Hospital, a member of Lahey Health

Through the APS program, physicians and nurses have been brought together with a shared understanding. The importance of speaking the same language where clinical knowledge and reasoning are concerned has minimized any chance for miscommunication – a root cause of medical errors."

Susie Alday, RN, RNC, BS, Director of Women’s Services, Central Valley Network, Adventist Health System

The content is very thorough and up to date, and I can complete it how I want and when I want since there is no set “class” time. Our days are already so stretched it is great to be able to do this when I can. I really like the flexibility and like knowing that I am getting rigorous training that keeps me current every year."

Renee Davis, RN, RNC, Central Valley Network, Adventist Health System

We are following the lead of Adventist Medical Center – Reedley, based on their great experience working with APS. Their clinicians are engaged and have been really happy with the content they receive. We’re looking forward to these new agreements and using the newest innovation, GNOSIS, so that clinicians in Selma and Hanford can realize the same benefits and continue to deliver excellent care."

Kristen Johnson, MHA, BSN, RN, Vice President of Women’s Services, Central Valley Network, Adventist Health System

GNOSIS introduces an assessment, which drastically sharpens the learning experience. It helps us identify the core issues first, and supports clinicians with information specifically targeted to those high-risk areas. Further, GNOSIS measures judgment – not just knowledge or facts. Judgment is so very difficult to capture but so important to understand. We can now see multiple opportunities for improvement and direct our efforts accordingly. GNOSIS has helped us see a more detailed picture of risk – but more importantly, opportunity. The chunked content has a lot of fans. Users love that they can see specifically where to focus their attention and are happy that they can table content where they are already proficient. The two to five minute segments that can be taken on-the-go have been really well received."

Heather Gocke, BS, RNC-OB, CPHRM, C-EFM, Vice President, Risk Management and Patient Safety, BETA Healthcare

BETA strives to function as a strategic partner to our member organizations. We select and deploy the best and most effective clinical resources to help mitigate risk and improve care. We are proud to work with APS to help our physicians and nurses perform to the best of their abilities and to help us gain valuable insight into opportunities for risk mitigation."

Tom Wander, CEO, BETA Healthcare

The visibility and insights provided by GNOSIS are really exciting. Working with APS has made a great difference in the way we educate our staff. As one of the many ways we provide ongoing education, we have found that the specialized training offered by APS is able to identify, prioritize, and tailor key competencies for individual staff’s continuing education – thus saving critical time and energy. The administrative side of the tool allows Dignity Health to benchmark performance across individuals, groups, hospitals, and system-wide, and helps the organization continue its mission to deliver quality compassionate care."

Barbara Pelletreau, Senior Vice President, Patient Safety, Dignity Health

There are so many aspects of GNOSIS that make it a great match for our needs. Not only are we confident that it is up-to-date and based on peer-reviewed literature and the most current best practices, but we are also excited about the assessment feature, which ensures that we are targeting the learning areas where we need support most. With tailored curriculum, quick content segments that can be taken on-the-go, and then the administrative dashboard that shows us clearly how we are doing, we expect GNOSIS to make a big difference with regard to perinatal safety. We think we know our own performance, but a tool like this gives us an objective way to measure it without our own internal biases or experiences affecting the outcome."

Shannon Hartwig, RNC, BSN, MSN, Director of Women’s Services, Lakeland Regional Medical Center

I was immediately curious when I heard of APS’s plans for GNOSIS. As a specialty institution devoted to the needs of women and infants, we welcomed the opportunity to collaborate on product development, giving feedback on where and how the tool could be designed for optimal risk identification, learning, and ultimately risk reduction.”

James O’Brien, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Brown University and practicing clinician at Women & Infant’s Hospital

The Personal Proficiency Module shows us exactly how people are doing and exactly where efforts to improve are needed. The combination of the assessment and the high risk areas of EFM, PPH, and Shoulder Dystocia, ensures that we are identifying and mitigating risk in the most critical areas of obstetrics. The breadth and depth of this tool is unparalleled in the industry.”

Jenny Henriques, Risk Management Program Specialist, Women & Infant’s Hospital

The proficiency assessment is really uniquely designed. The fact that judgment questions have no exact answer is true to every day clinical life and this helps us measure areas of risk above and beyond the medical facts. The assessment has illuminated opportunities for us to focus our improvement efforts and that is really valuable.”

Sheila Bystrak, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Operating Officer, Winnie Palmer Hospital

The quality of the APS content is superb. The fact that it is continually updated gives us confidence that we are getting the latest and greatest material as it pertains to perinatal safety. Keeping our clinicians current is essential. We count on APS content as it always reflects the most recent standards and practices. Through APS we can maximize clinical performance, ensure physicians and nurses are speaking the same language, particularly around EFM strips, and maintain strong user satisfaction – They love it because it is so flexible and user friendly for their busy schedules, allowing them to start and stop as needed. We are really happy with the many ways APS is supporting us.”

Linda Hamilton, RNC, Maternal-Child Division Nurse Educator, El Centro Regional Medical Center