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Prophecy FAQs

 What does “holistic” mean?
Unlike other assessment tools in the market, Prophecy assessments measure three competencies – clinical, situational, and behavioral. The resulting score and analytics provide a more complete view into a candidate’s potential for job success.


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Is Prophecy just for nurses?
No. The complete library of Prophecy assessments includes many additional roles in healthcare from clinical specialty roles to non-clinical roles, both patient facing and non-patient facing. Prophecy behavioral assessments are also used for all staff to measure personality traits such as integrity or accountability.

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Is Prophecy validated?
Yes. We are the only assessment company whose approach is externally validated. Experts confirm a statistically significant relationship between a candidate’s Prophecy score and their ultimate job performance. There is also alignment between externally-validated test development plan and the National Council for State Boards of Nursing’s NCLEX exam for RN licensure.

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Release Notes

Continuously advancing Prophecy is critical to our mission of helping organizations build the best patient care teams.

Based on changes in industry standards and constructive client feedback, we continually update our assessments and reporting tools to ensure the best user experience.  Click on the following release notes to review upgrades in more detail.

Prophecy Release April 28,2017

Prophecy Release April 2017

Prophecy Release March 2017

Prophecy Release January 2017

Prophecy Release September 2016

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