In addition to providing insight into competencies to predict nurse success, Prophecy provides longitudinal benefits for health systems invested in their teams. In using our assessments, our clients have been able to measure improvements in both their processes and their outcomes. APS has worked with clients to save time and costs by personalizing onboarding; to correlate increases in nurse retention; and to measure improvements in nurse satisfaction.


Reduces Onboarding Time/Cost

Personalizing education plans can streamline
onboarding by up to 6 weeks in time.

In this study, three facilities in a west coast health system integrated Prophecy into their nurse residency program using data to customize learning plans. In addition to saving 6 weeks on average, 23% completed the program in less than 12 weeks yet  the shorter format contained the same amount of clinical bedside time as the previous program. Even with the reduced classroom time, Prophecy reporting tools demonstrated that 100 percent of Med/Surg nurses exceeded the modified Angoff score for the assessment at 8 weeks. Click on image to enlarge.


Increases Nurse Retention

Data-driven screening and placement can reduce
nurse retention by up to 80 percent

In this study, a regional health system in the southeast implemented Prophecy before hire to screen applicants and then place them in best-fitting specialties for one cohort. As a result, there was an 80 percent reduction in turnover compared to a cohort that did not use Prophecy. In continuing to use Prophecy across all cohorts, their director of people operations has reported a sustained decrease in nurse turnover and is pleased to report a low 1.5% turnover rate for involuntary terminations, signifying an improved hiring and placement process across the system. Click on image to enlarge.


Improves Nurse Satisfaction

Better preparation and more thoughtful placement can improve nurse satisfaction scores

In this study, a Midwestern health system implemented an evidence-based hiring strategy that included Prophecy’s validated assessments. With a goal of recruiting and retaining top nursing talent, the organization focused on hiring new graduate nurses (RN Residents). Based a strong partnership, human resources and nursing worked together on the same vision framed around attracting nurses who feel connected to the hospital’s mission, vision and values. The goal of the new program was to assure all new nurses have a seamless transition to practice and they have an opportunity to “do what they do best every day.” The result was 10% increase in nurse satisfaction scores as measured with the Casey Fink survey tool.  Click on image to enlarge.