What sets Prophecy apart from other assessment tools is its ability to generate, aggregate, and analyze data to predict nurse success.

Unlike other solutions, Prophecy combines clinical, situational, and behavioral assessments to optimize analytics in three ways

measure competency     +     measure job fit    +     measure education gaps

Prophecy reports generate rich data on the individual nurse  –  including gaps in their technical knowledge, levels of their critical thinking, and insights into their personality traits. This data is used in the hiring and onboarding process to screen candidates, shape interviews, reduce orientation, target education, and confidently place nurses in the roles that best match their strengths.


Prophecy measures competency

Objectively understanding who are the top performers can help hiring managers make better-informed decisions about nurse candidates.

Prophecy provides data tools to group candidates, as well as recent hires, and review their competency scores and where they fall relative to the Angoff score.

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Prophecy assessments measure and rank nurses relative to their Angoff score

Prophecy measures job fit

Placing nurses into the best-fitting clinical specialty increases nurse satisfaction and reduces nurse turnover.

Prophecy analytics provide a predictive window into which specialties a nurse would be most successful based on their clinical knowledge and behavioral attributes.

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Prophecy assessments identify a nurse's best fit

Prophecy measures education gaps

Nurse onboarding  is a lengthy and costly process that can be customized for each nurse with Prophecy assessment data.

By identifying and targeting only the areas that need improvement, nurse managers and preceptors can build an individualized onboarding plan that reduces time to productivity and reduces dual staffing costs.

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prophecy assessments identify strengths and weaknesses in core areas