Prophecy is a holistic assessment solution offering clinical, situational and behavioral insights validated to predict nurse success.

Our innovative, web-based tool is the nation’s only holistic assessment solution, designed by nurses for nurses, that combines unique scores for clinical, situational, and behavioral competencies. As a result, hospital leaders receive rich data on the individual nurse – including gaps in technical knowledge, levels of critical thinking, and insights into personality traits.

This data-driven information is used in hiring to predict success, in onboarding to personalize education, and throughout tenure to promote development. Download Prophecy Overview PDF



Prophecy predicts HIRING success

Prophecy generates a predictive score for each nurse candidate and provides human resources managers and nurse managers with real-time assessment data to drive informed hiring and placement decisions.

  • Select top candidates from applicant pool
  • Place hires/transfers in best-fitting specialties

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Prophecy combines clinical, situational, and behavioral scores to provide a predictive score for likelihood of nurse success

Prophecy personalizes ONBOARDING

Prophecy identifies knowledge gaps allowing nurse educators and preceptors to create individual learning paths for nurses during their orientation and onboarding.

  • Customize education plans for new nurses
  • Decrease time to productivity

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Prophecy provides competency details in specific content areas so managers can target education where it is needed and also not necessary

Prophecy promotes DEVELOPMENT

Prophecy recognizes personal strengths and weaknesses to help clinical managers target professional development opportunities and competency maintenance as well as identify new preceptors and emerging leaders.

  • Distinguish top performers for advancement
  • Build education and training plans to improve care

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Prophecy's individualized reports provide detailed analysis including qualities for nurse leadership in regards to succession planning