GNOSIS is a patented assessment-driven education and analytics solution that uses data to transform how doctors and nurses learn.

Our innovative, web-based platform delivers individualized and prioritized content to clinicians to learn when they want, where they want, and only what they need. As a result, GNOSIS enables hospital leaders to focus limited resources on high-impact education for improving quality and patient safety.

It begins with an assessment to measure competency, then builds a personalized curriculum to maximize learning, and results with clinical insight to mitigate riskDownload GNOSIS Overview PDF


GNOSIS measures competency

Clinicians complete a comprehensive assessment in GNOSIS, which provides statistically-sound insight into clinicians’ mastery of knowledge and judgment in high-risk areas of patient care.

  • evaluation of evidence-based proficiency
  • quantification of clinical critical thinking
  • benchmark of individual scores
  • transparency into team performance

Click tablet to read sample assessment question.

GNOSIS asks questions to asses both knowledge and judgement.

GNOSIS maximizes learning

Based on an individual assessment, GNOSIS delivers a personalized curriculum developed by medical experts and designed for effectiveness and efficiency by excluding content the clinician has already mastered.

  • learning prioritized by areas of need
  • topics presented in 2-8 minute segments
  • content delivered 24/7 online, mobile
  • accreditation for CME/CE

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GNOSIS prioritizes content based on learning needs.

GNOSIS mitigates risk

Using real-time analytics, GNOSIS equips hospital leaders and risk managers with data to proactively identify and invest in areas that will improve quality, increase patient safety, and reduce the costs of adverse events.

  • costs reduced by streamlining training
  • decisions supported by actionable data
  • risk addressed though training programs
  • outcomes improved with targeted learning

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GNOSIS generates reports to identify areas of risk.