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 What is the assessment?
The assessment is the first step to building a personalized Learning Path. Through a series of questions, the assessment determines a clinician's knowledge and judgement on the assigned topic area.

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How do I know the assessment is accurate?
Expert physicians, nurses, medical writers, and instructional designers develop the assessment questions together. After several review cycles, the questions undergo beta population testing and statistical analysis to ensure their validity.

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Why is an assessment deployed at the beginning of the course instead of the end?
Pre-assessment scores are generally a better measure of a clinician’s true understanding of a practice area than post-assessment scores. Post-test scores reflect the contents of short-term memory immediately following the training and do not necessarily reflect long -term improvement in critical thinking.

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Release Notes

Continuously advancing GNOSIS is critical to our mission of optimizing healthcare outcomes by measuring and improving clinical decision-making.

Based on changes in industry standards and constructive client feedback, we continually update our courses and enhance the GNOSIS platform to ensure the best learner experience.  Click on the following release notes to review upgrades in more detail.

GNOSIS Release July 6, 2016

GNOSIS Release July 13, 2016

GNOSIS Release October 3, 2016

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