Course Offerings

  • Developed with nationally recognized experts from some of the nation’s most respected academic medical centers and medical communities.
  • Focus extensively on clinical practice, enabling change that results in increased safety for the patient and improved outcomes for the nurse or doctor.
  • All courses are created with a highly engaging, self-directed format that employs the most advanced principles of adult learning, stressing case application of skills and knowledge.
  •  Accessible through a flexible, web-based interface, enabling clinicians to complete them at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.
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Advanced EFM: Electronic Instrumentation $0 Testing
Competency Maintenance in Obstetrics $0 Testing
Advanced EFM: Interventions and Ancillary Assessment $0 Testing
Introduction to Fetal Heart Monitoring $0 Testing
Advanced EFM: Management of Uterine Activity and Labor $0 Testing
Managing Shoulder Dystocia $0 Testing
Advanced EFM: Maternal Fetal Physiology and Acid-Base Assessment $0 Testing
Advanced EFM: Neonatal Encephalopathy $0 Testing
Operative Vaginal Delivery $0 Testing
Advanced EFM: Pattern Definition and Nomenclature $0 Testing
Postpartum Hemorrhage $0 Testing
Advanced EFM: Risk Management $0 Testing
Patient Safety
Changing Systems $0 Testing
Errors and Injuries in Health Care $0 Testing
Responding to Adverse Events and Errors $0 Testing
Using Systems Theory to Prevent Errors and Injuries in Health Care $0 Testing
Using Systems Theory to Understand Errors and Injuries in Health Care $0 Testing
Bariatric Surgery $0 Testing
Colectomy $0 Testing
Inguinal Hernia $0 Testing
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy $0 Testing
Laparoscopic Error $0 Testing
Reducing Error in the OR $0 Testing
Internal Medicine
Chronic Pain: Assessment, Treatment and Risk Management $0 Testing
Safe Prescribing Environment $0 Testing
Safe Prescribing Practices $0 Testing
Core Risk
Coordination of Patient Care $0 Testing
Documentation Makes the Difference $0 Testing
Informed Consent in Breast Cancer $0 Testing
Managing a Medical Malpractice Case $0 Testing
Office-Based Risk $0 Testing
Reporting Errors: Learning from Experience $0 Testing
Resident Supervision $0 Testing
Risk Management Basics: Protection and Pitfalls $0 Testing
SBAR+R: Structuring Communication in Health Care $0 Testing
Teamwork in a Labor and Delivery Setting $0 Testing
The Disclosure of Unanticipated Outcomes $0 Testing
The Risk of Poor Communications $0 Testing
The Telephone in Clinical Practice $0 Testing