Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) is an assessment, education, and analytics company committed to helping clinicians achieve their highest potential through innovation in learning.

APS was founded 20 years ago by a team of medical illustrators with deep experience understanding and clarifying complex clinical events in medical malpractice cases. Today, through our premier platform GNOSIS, we help clinicians specializing in high-risk areas of obstetrics and emergency medicine to improve clinical outcomes through personalized learning.

GNOSIS is a user-friendly platform where physicians, nurse-midwives, and nurses complete an online assessment that measures their proficiency and then customizes learning content based on areas they need to master. This personalized learning path is available online, 24-7 and presented in 2-8 minute segments. With the ability to learn where they want, when they want, and only what they need, clinicians are becoming more engaged in the learning process--with meaningful results.


A message from our founder John Harrington

I want you to imagine a busy labor and delivery room in a hospital. It is 3AM and a team of physicians and nurses are fighting to save the life of a delivering mother and her unborn child.

The team is dealing with a birth complication known as shoulder dystocia, where the child is not effectively progressing through the birth canal and if this cannot be resolved, the mother and child are in grave danger. The team is providing the best care possible given their knowledge, judgment, and training.

But because this is a type of rare event that usually only occurs 2-3 times in a clinician's entire career, they are unable to remedy this complication and they only have minutes to avoid permanent brain injury from asphyxia to the child and or death.

This obstetrician and team in California saved this child’s life using information they obtained from an online course created by an organization that I founded 20+ years ago, APS.